Mike Vitez

Advisor, Founder, CEO

Nowadays the hottest topics are the web3 and the metaverse, but what are the real-world implications for your business? I can help you find the answers.


I am Mike and I have been in the IT industry for a decade. I have seen the evolution of lightweight web technologies and witnessed the progress of blockchain technologies from the first row.

I have founded CodeCluster in 2016 to be a middleware on the market, between the customers and delivery companies, as a system integrator company. Two years later I co-founded Solidity Services to spread the word about decentralized technologies and influence mass adoption. As a former co-founder and IT director- in the practice Chief of Operations as well - of Next Earth, I took an important role in building it up from scratch, scaling it from 3 people to more than 100.

As a consultant and leader, professionalism, humanity and resilience are three core values I am looking for, and helping my clients to build these strengths into their businesses to maximize their success in the long-term.


Mike is a wonderful educator and facilitator when it comes to technological innovation and the vastly evolving space of all things web3. He has a unique ability to share complex concepts and ideas and make them tangible and investable for clients and brands. It’s refreshing to see such a leader with an impressive background in IT be able to connect with different teams in an organization, bridging the gaps between information and web 3 literacy.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with him thanks to his genuine eagerness to help and serve at his core. I’m always excited to connect to hear his latest insights, which always seem to be ahead of the curve.

Ashley OrfusFounder & PresidentAlab Group


Web3 & MetaverseIT Advisory
Web3 & MetaverseBusiness Strategy Making

Would you like to know...

  • what are the mechanics of launching a new token?
  • how to select the right blockchain for my project?
  • how to structure a whitepaper?
  • how do we start a pilot in the metaverse/web3? In what areas?
  • which partners can help us run a pilot?
  • what does the web3 and/or metaverse partner ecosystem look like? What are the new categories being formed?
  • who are the new crypto-native service providers? What services do they offer?
  • what are the services being offered in web3 and the metaverse? What is the maturity of these offerings?
  • are there some leaders who stand out? Who are they?